10 Simple Ways to Start Adding Minimalism to Your Life

Minimalism is a lifestyle choice that essentially requires the disposal of things that do not bring joy in order to create space for things that do. This revolves around getting rid of the negative and unnecessary, without guilt and remorse. You can choose to focus on physical possessions, such as maintaining a minimalistic closet  or toxic relationships. I prefer to use minimalism as a guiding principal for relationships, emotions, and household items. By letting go of what… View Full Post

Magnificent Day and Weekend Trips from St. Petersburg, Florida

magnificent day & Weekend trips from St. Petersburg, FL #travel #explore #summer

One of the best ways to get a in-depth view into a destination is by renting a car and seeing what the place has to offer. It allows you to get to places you wouldn’t be able to via public transport, and most importantly, to where the people live, work, and play. A trip without a sincere conversation with a local is a pure tragedy to me. You just fill up on gas, ask the… View Full Post

How to be a Good Travel ‘Grammer

How to be a Good Travel 'Grammer | 7 tips for ethical photography #explore

As travelers, we are given the power to tell the story, however we see fit. One of the best ways to tell a story is by showing a photo, easily worth a thousand words-or more (have you SEEN a picture of Phuket?!) Instagram is one of the best ways to see the world without ever leaving. Even better is when YOU are posting the incredible picture + caption because you are the one traveling. But… View Full Post

The Minimalist Travel Carry-On Essentials

Ever feel like you are over-packed yet underprepared? #minimalism #travel

Have you ever waited for quite a while to make a big purchase, telling yourself you’d wait it out and if you realllllly want it, you’ll buy it, only to lose it within two weeks? If that sentence was shorter, it could be the title of the story of my life. Traveling so happens to magnify my lack of organization and after years of tearfully calling hostels to “please just check one more time sniffle” for… View Full Post

Coconut Glen’s: The One Stop You Must Make On the Road to Hana

The one stop you must make on the road to Hana in #Maui #Hawaii || a tipsy gypsy life

If you visit Maui, there is no way you can get around doing the drive on the road to Hana. It’s a perfect opportunity to get a little glimpse into the sheer beauty that is Hawaii. I’m a huge fan of go big or go home, and so are my brothers, which is why they picked me up in a convertible. First things first, we stopped at a beach to enjoy the views and chat… View Full Post